Safe & Effective Knee Injections

ORTHOVISC knee injections are the leading type of treatment for osteoarthritis pain when normal drugs and physical rehabilitation aren't successful in reducing pain. This ultra-pure injectable is made up of sodium hyaluronate and no animal by-products. To receive the full benefits of ORTHOVISC, you must take multiple injections, each spaced a week a part. For up to six months of effective pain relief, it is recommended to get three to four injections.

Benefits of ORTHOVISC Knee Injections:

  • Pain Relief that lasts for a long time
  • Replaces Joint Fluid
  • Reduction in Joint Pain
  • Improved Mobility
  • Increase Functionality in Joints


The leading Lewisville pain management specialists at River Oaks Spine Center have helped thousands of patients. Each time a new patient comes into our clinic, we create a treatment plan specific to their needs. If you think you may need ORTHOVISC knee injections, we will assess your ailments and determine if ORTHOVISC is right for you, or if we need to implement another treatment program.

In the United States ORTHOVISC is used to treat the knees specifically, and is one of the leading treatments to relieve osteoarthritis pain. If you experience chronic pain associated with osteoarthritis and have not found a cure for your pain, you can rely on River Oaks Spine Center for safe, effective knee injections in Lewisville.