Lewisville, Texas’ leading pain management specialists


Some problems cannot be resolved on your own when it comes to back pain management. These troubles can not only be frustrating, they can negatively affect the way you live your life and may leave you wondering if a solution is even possible. At River Oaks Spine and Rehab Center in Lewisville, TX we host a number of pain management solutions designed for every circumstance. Our team of specialists will locate the source of the problem and rectify it with both modern and classic techniques. From headaches and arthritis to pinched nerves and fibromyalgia, we promise to alleviate your worries and return you to the state of physical freedom that is so often lost with chronic pain.

Treating the person

At River Oaks Spine and Rehab Center in Lewisville, it is our goal to treat the patient – not just the symptoms. Our medical professionals understand the complications that can arise with pain management plans, which is why we work with each individual to prepare them for the entire process from the beginning. We are proud of the relaxing atmosphere and effective methods employed by our staff and are always looking to adopt new ways to relieve pain. At River Oaks Spine and Rehab Center, we can help you maintain a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. Stop by our office in Lewisville at any time to discuss the options that will work best for you!